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Submitted on
February 19, 2012
Submitted with Writer


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Complaint Challenge Contest Results!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 19, 2012, 6:20 PM
You guys are amazing! The quality of the entries was nothing short of impressive. I was pleasantly surprised with the number of deviants who took a serious and productive approach to tackling their complaints! Quite a few entries were teams working together to make deviantART a better place.

I had a bunch of really great entries, and I had a difficult time not featuring more like six of these. After some serious thought, I narrowed it down to two that I believe stood out from all the awesome (which is tough to do when everything is already wonderful).

Spotlight Winners!

Both of these entries tackle community complaints in a big way and are already smashing success stories. In alphabetical order:

Expose-Lit: The Launch!Expose-Lit has a mission:
To show dA writers who go overlooked in the lit community how easy it is to get involved and get noticed.
We believe that dA lit is a brilliantly supportive, intelligent, and encouraging network for writers to develop in, whatever their level and wherever they’re heading. But it’s no fun if you feel excluded. At Expose-Lit we just want to put up a few signposts saying "writers this way" and "for Critique take next left" and "Fame and glory over the hill; bring a picnic."
When thorns set the challenge to tackle dA complaints head on, I was immediately stuck by an idea! ....and a feeling of dread because I knew my idea was far too big and I would never have the courage or time or support or any number of other excuses.
What was my beef?
As far as complaints were concerned, I had two, er, beefs:
a) there is a


Finally, it's a group that takes you on a guided tour through the literature community! Follow the yellow dot through knowledgeable articles to help you discover the community and give you a starting point for the exposure you've wanted but couldn't quite achieve.

There are articles on most topics I can think of, and a few I hadn't considered! You can start on their main page and follow the links.

The eligible team consists of IrrevocableFate, Vigilo, angelStained, LadyLincoln, Cassildra, SurrealCachinnation, and is headed by CrumpetsHarvey! Each is a familiar name in the community and have left their mark on the group.

They've each won: 100 dA points!

They'll share this prize pool:
:bulletgreen: 3 month premium membership
:bulletgreen: 1 silly picture from neurotype
:bulletgreen: 2 critiques from SurrealCachinnation
:bulletgreen: 2 prose critiques from TheSkaBoss
:bulletgreen: 2 customized emote sign from mirz-alt
:bulletgreen: features from Mirz123, AzeeraTheNinja, and SurrealCachinnation

dA Solutions Sanctuary 2012The Complaint Challenge - A Year Long Endeavor
People complain about a lot of things on deviantART. Some of those complaints are perfectly legitimate, some not so much. There are a lot of issues that can be solved with a simple search through dA's FAQ directory. Problems that can't be solved that way can be sent to the Help Desk.
But sometimes people complain about stuff that's not so simple. People complain that the quality of Daily Deviations is going downhill. They complain that Community Volunteers are impersonal or inaccessible. They complain that Critique doesn't happen often enough or that when it does, there's no quality to it. They complain about the fragmentation of _________ Community and how when they joined, things were so much better.
My submission to thorns Complaint Challenge is go

dA Solutions Sanctuary

LiliWrites's year long, and virtually solo, entry is exceptional! Each month she will tackle a new complaint topic with the community's help. The interactive activities encourage deviants to join in and be proactive. Plus there are prizes. Who can pass up prizes? :eager:

Her serious and consistent approach has already produced results in January's Daily Deviation challenge. Learn about Critique this month and participate in her Critique Contest now!

LiliWrites won:
:bulletgreen: 3 month premium membership
:bulletgreen: 100 dA points
:bulletgreen: 3 points and a llama from lorreinegeralde
:bulletgreen: 1 silly picture from neurotype
:bulletgreen: 1 critique from SurrealCachinnation
:bulletgreen: 1 prose critique from TheSkaBoss
:bulletgreen: 1 customized emote sign from mirz-alt
:bulletgreen: features from Mirz123, AzeeraTheNinja, and SurrealCachinnation

Random Prize Winners

Anyone who participated on an entry had their name added to a drawing for random prizes. These prizes are for individual participants for stepping up and do not need to be shared by team mates. Also, names were added once per entry, so multiple wins are likely with some people having 3 entries.

3 Month Premium Membership!
:bulletgreen: zebrazebrazebra won it!

150 dA Points!
:bulletgreen: MeganLawler94
:bulletgreen: AzizrianDaoXrak
:bulletgreen: LadyofGaerdon

100 dA Points!
:bulletgreen: Vigilo
:bulletgreen: Evlydia
:bulletgreen: linaket - from SurrealCachinnation

50 dA Points!
:bulletgreen: Gricken - from LadyAnder
:bulletgreen: angelStained
:bulletgreen: Rose-vi-Britannia
:bulletgreen: Halatia
:bulletgreen: MotleyDreams
:bulletgreen: JamminJo
:bulletgreen: RTNightmare
:bulletgreen: evil83angel
:bulletgreen: Synnic
:bulletgreen: neurotype
:bulletgreen: cembree

Miscellaneous Prizes!
:bulletgreen: QuiEstInLiteris, GrimFace242, and marob0501 won a critique from SurrealCachinnation.

:bulletgreen: AzeeraTheNinja, LadyofGaerdon, and a-fiery-boom won a feature from linaket.

:bulletgreen: ME-Jones, LiliWrites, MeganLawler94, and MotleyDreams won a feature from GrimFace242.

:bulletgreen: Tylon won a colored sketch from Dahia.


I cannot thank donors enough! These people make contests like this possible by kindly donating prizes. Send them a huge thank you. :heart:

:bulletblue: Flyvapnet donated a whopping 700 points! :faint:

:bulletblue: JamminJo donated a very generous 200 points!

:bulletblue: TheSkaBoss, LiliWrites, asquick, bradleysays, SurrealCachinnation, and faeorain all donated 100 points!

:bulletblue: Our other lovely prize donors: DistortedSmile, Riemea, jessicaconk, MimiStars, Elchanted, candystand195, lintang1412, asquickNi3nk3, MadWlad, whoalisaa, LadyAnder, SurrealCachinnation, GrimFace242, linaket, neurotype, mirz-alt, and Dahia!

In Closing

Hopefully participants and watchers took away more than a contest entry from this event. I hope deviants realize that being proactive is not only productive, but also a lot of fun. You can work toward solutions for your complaints. You can be successful in making this community a better place. :#1:

The entries will have a lasting impact on the community and that is the better than any prize. Which is why I intend to repeat it! I'm considering semi-annually, but perhaps it will be annually. Keep any eye out for it in the future. :dalove:

In the mean time, take a peek at all the other wonderful entries submitted:…

Thank you for being a wonderful community, :love:

P.S. I will send out my prizes tomorrow. I'm exceptionally tired tonight and would hate to make a mistake. :heart:

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Beccalicious Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2012   Writer
The bigger question is Thorns, how the devil do we thank you? :heart:
thorns Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2012   Writer
:paranoid: Is this a trick question?
Beccalicious Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2012   Writer
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Beccalicious Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2012   Writer
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thorns Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2012   Writer
This is usually the point where I'd just eat you and save myself the trouble, but I'm strangely interested to see what kind of devious plot you'd come up with (I think I'm coming down with some illness and it could be impacting my decisions). So I won't eat you. But I am keeping an eye on you. :eye:
Beccalicious Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012   Writer
Knowing a certain secret for weeks has been deviously naughty :D
thorns Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2012   Writer
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thorns Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2012   Writer
You did! :la:
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