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Literature News Nov / Dec 2012

Thu Dec 6, 2012, 1:01 PM

Hello all! As you've probably guessed by the title of the journal and the Community Relations journal skin, this is the monthly update from the literature community volunteers. :)


neurotype claims that Your plot is boring and emphasizes such things as persuading potential readers and voice. Do the homework and join the discussion!

Farewell and New!

In the CR team, we said goodbye to bohobella, Infinite705, and FrockTarts. Please thank them for all their hard work.

There are also some welcome additions to the team!  Please give your support and welcome to the following new volunteers:

PolyMune - Game Development Art
Katy-L-Wood - Chats and Forums
Endorell-Taelos - Chats and Forums
Nyiana-sama - Chats and Forums
SqueakyToybox - Flash
todd - Chats and Forums

Lit Central

November is always crazy with National Novel Writing Month, and I hope you all survived. If you worked on your writing in November despite the holidays and other responsibilities, pay yourself on the back. Great work!

December is filled with holiday contests and activities and is shaping up to be another fun and busy month! Us lit deviants have plenty of seasonal contests, prompts, and events to choose from. Take a look through the article and then take your pick, or five.

Here is a news summary of the things going on:

:star: Literature Previews, DDs, and You
:star: Literature DDs November 2012
:star: Be A Critic – Volume 3
:star: Request a free prize! December

Writing Exercises/Contests:
Vintage Christmas Short Story Contest
Two Poems: A Contest
Saturnalia Chat and Contest
DFC 2012 – The December Form Challenge
Christmas / Winter Contest (Prose only)
Let it Snow Contest
Odyssey Propulsion 4

Features and other news
Love dA Lit: Issue 105
A Smattering of Lit News
Writing Without Publishing: Exillior speaks
Reasons to Love dA's Lit Community Part 2
Duotrope to Become a Paid Service in Jan 2013
#WritersInk's Weekly Round up

The Lit Forum

The Monthly Critique Thread:  December
Why do you think your age matters?
Writing different gender POVs
I'm totally convinced
The Most Important Lessons for Writers
Posting Guidelines: The Literature Forum.

CR & dA news around the patch

Welcome to Artisan Crafts - Art history
Celebrating Deviousness- December
Did you know?

As always...

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know! We love feedback because it helps us to do the best we can. :)

The Literature Community Volunteers

:iconbeccajs: :iconneurotype: :iconnichrysalis: :iconthorns:

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