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November's Budget - :points: 1,100 points

I know all the holiday events are coming so hurry and send me a note using the below instructions while the points last!

November's Remaining Budget:  900 points

:star:Thank you to the awesome PrismaticMemories for donating 600 points to this month's prize pool!:star:

Request a Prize

I'd love to support your community activities! Sometimes I have more money than time, so this is a great way to spread the love without cutting back on things like sleep. :giggle: If you'd like for me to contribute a prize to your project / activity / event /contest, send me a note.

In your note, please tell me about your activity, especially if it hasn't kicked off yet. If it has already started, include a link to the announcement. It is perfectly fine to ask for a prize donation before the start, but you'll need to tell me some details about it.

Examples of what I like to see:  Community and/or literature related activities that deviants can participate in. Chat events. Contests. Participation prizes! :eager: (And more!)

What I DON'T want:  Begging for points. Begging for premium membership for you or for your friend. Prizes are, well, prizes and meant to be distributed as rewards with equal opportunity for all deviants.

Collect Your Prizes!

Don't forget to note me once your contest or event has ended. You will want to include a link to your wrap up or announcement. This allows me to know who to send what prize. Since I donate to many activities with varying lengths, it's impossible for me to know when you've completed judging without a reminder. Please, note me!

Open Donations

Donations I've promised but have not been sent yet. These activities are typically still on going and worth a peek!

:bulletgreen: InspireTheUninspired's Memories and Resolutions contest starts on November 19th and is promised 100 points for their prize pool.

:bulletblue: OfOneSoul's Illustrate My Story contest that begins in December is promised 100 points.

:bulletblue: Sevslover6195's Draw or Write my OC Contest is promised 50 points.

:bulletblue: ThisIsNYC's October 6th devMEET is New York City is promised 1,000 points. [Postponed to a future date.]

:bulletblue: I know I have about 5 open right now, but can't recall any others. I usually wait for note reminders. :dummy:

Recent Donations

Donations I've recently sent. Some of these, marked with a :star:, are still on going and worth checking out.

:bulletgreen: :star: ThornyEnglishRose's Vintage Christmas contest received 800 points! Check out the awesome contest. Deadline:  December 17th, 2012

:bulletgreen: mirz333 and Ravenswd received 200 points for their Relativity contest!

:bulletgreen: Memnalar's Blood Country themed All Hallow Tales Contest received 1,600 points!

:bulletgreen: :star: MeganLawler94's Holiday Prompt Contest was sent 400 points.

:bulletgreen: HugQueen's Love dA Literature Community Project received 1,000 points!

:bulletgreen: Written-Imagination celebrated its first birthday and received 400 points for their chat event.

:bulletgreen: :star: ATrue's 4th Annual Community Fundraiser received 50 points. (Details on her main page.)

Recurring Prizes

Prizes for events that repeat and I always donate to.

:bulletblue: Word Wars Chat Tour stops twice a month, and at each stop distributes a 3 month premium membership and 200 points.

Missing a Prize?

Do I owe you or your contest a prize? I apologize for forgetting. As you can see I donate in numerous places and occasionally forget by the end date. If you're missing a prize, please send me a note with a link to the winner announcement. (It would also help if the prize listing is there so I know who I owe what.)

thorns :dalove:

Fine Print
Prize donations are at my sole discretion. This includes whether I donate or not, what I donate, and how much I donate. Prize donations are also restricted to my available budget. If you do not receive a donation, it's probably because I'm out of points and not because your project is considered unworthy.

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PrismaticMemories Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
I can donate some points for the November Budget ^^
thorns Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012   Writer
:eager: Thank you! That would be wonderful! How many were you intending to donate?
PrismaticMemories Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
Would 600 :points: be alright? Where can I donate ^^?
thorns Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012   Writer
You can send them my way, and I'll add it to the journal tomorrow! :happybounce:
PrismaticMemories Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012
Okay! I made the donation :3
I hope it helps.
thorns Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012   Writer
Updated it!

Thank you and it will help loads! :la:
PrismaticMemories Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012
Oh wow thank you!

That's great news to hear :meow:
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